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Your ideas deserve a platform

We either have too many ideas, or we run out of them. That’s the situation many of us encounter when sharing content on social media, blogs, or otherwise. In either case, we’re unsure what to share that would not only be creatively satisfying but would also speak to the audience.

Remember this: when you’re unafraid to experiment, some ideas may hit the target while others may completely miss the mark. And that’s okay. It’s still better than publishing stale content that your peers or competitors are probably already sharing (and is likely not being well-received).

One thing that’s certain amidst the chaos is this: your ideas deserve a platform!

Below, I share some of the tips on how you can come up with potentially unlimited content ideas:

Be a keen observer of day-to-day problems

Think about these questions:

  • What are some issues you face in your professional or personal life?

  • Can you suggest possible solutions to rectify or eliminate them?

  • If the solutions worked for you, can you share them with your audience?

Even if some of these ideas are outside of the professional realm, I feel you can still post about them from your personal account. By letting your audience know who you are, you’re humanizing your brand and thus revealing the face, mind, and heart behind it.

People connect with people.

For instance, I routinely share anecdotes from my personal experiences with my audience. Other times, I share advice in the professional realm that might be helpful for them. Recently, I observed that email conversations have become quite boring or robotic and have lost the touch of personalization (or maybe they didn’t really have it in the first place?)

We’re all tired of those repetitive email phrases, aren’t we?

That’s when I came up with a LinkedIn carousel post consisting of ideas on how people can make their emails richer. Of course, that included my own experiences as well as secondary research.

The result? I’m happy to report that the content resonated brilliantly with people across diverse professions and expertise.

Interview experts in your field

Keep in mind that you don’t have to come up with ‘original’ ideas every single time. There’s another route you must explore, in fact—sharing a topic that’s been covered by other people before but adding your own take on it.

For instance, if we need to write about the state of the current real estate market, don’t just repurpose information already covered by your competitors. Instead, try and get in touch with real estate agents and investors who may have unique insights on this.

Sure, it’s a more time-consuming process. But you might only apply it in two out of the 10 posts or articles you publish.

But how do I find these topics in the first place?

Good question! There are platforms (with a literal goldmine of ideas) such as Quora and Reddit where you can find anything about everything! You can also search for content ideas on Ubersuggest, AnswerThePublic, Twitter spaces, Buzzsumo, and even related searches on Google.

Develop the art of linking seemingly unrelated ideas

Some content ideas come by combining two seemingly unrelated ideas and creating something new out of them. The other day, I saw an Instagram reel where a person bought and offered leg braces to a man who was apparently homeless and disabled (he appeared to be immobilized from the waist down).

That newfound mobility meant the world to him. At that moment, he had encountered the divine, which may have changed his life forever.

It made me wonder: why can’t we all show a little kindness to people around us? Why can’t all of us be a little more…divine? Why should it remain an achievable or unfathomable target for some?

That’s how one of my new ideas came into being. Can humanity attain divinity, or is it more innate than we’d expect?

If you want to build a platform for your ideas, I recommend that you start by consuming all forms of content, as much as you can. With time and practice, you’ll find that there are countless ideas. The world will never run out of original material, and thankfully, this means that neither will you.

Brainstorming some content ideas of your own? Share your thoughts with us on LinkedIn.

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Shiwangi sahani
Shiwangi sahani

thank you so much fir your precious thoughts and effort to convert them into text .....i really feel little much confident with my thoughts to share with other people i can continue with more doubts free mind which actually very neccessary to make make effective work .

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