What makes someone stop what they're doing and listen to you?


If you're struggling to come up with an answer, you've uncovered the reason behind Founders Marketing. We help clients around the world in boldly stating their stories, developing a style and a voice all their own.


They win mindshare, market share, investments, and new contracts.

After all, great messaging inspires action.​



We live in exciting times. Changes that once took decades now happen in days. Barriers to access are being broken, as are traditional approaches to education, training, and upskilling. Rapidly evolving technologies and services are reshaping our concept of a workplace, and stretching the boundaries for finding talent.


The future of learning and work is our passion. Our fully remote content marketing team has 15+ years' experience in strategic communications in education, tech, training and professional development. 

We support leading think tanks, foundations, associations, institutions of higher education, K-12 organizations, and edtech and training startups transforming today's learning environment and the future of work.



this is what we do



Earn mindshare in a  noisy marketplace.

Your brand is your promise. 

We'll help you create an authentic one that resonates, so the right people buy and refer your expert programs 

and services.



Share your story with an audience who cares.


We'll uncover your unique selling points, helping you describe them

in a concise and compelling way.

We'll also show you how to get the

most mileage out of your 

original content.




Make your brand memorable and remarkable.

Bold marketing that resonates isn't created by accident. With Founders, your company's collateral, 

web presence and more will not only fit with your brand image, it'll position you to stand out.



Plot your ideal path

for growth.


Access our extensive and varied knowledge of global best

practices, trends, tools

and strategies to guide you as you

work to grow your business or

recruit new hires.


You have a fascinating story to tell. ​

We know how to share it with the world.

Those who have great ideas, inspiring products and life-changing services deserve top-notch content. With our help, educational experts, workplace visionaries and forward-thinking entrepreneurs become thought leaders, organizations attract more visibility to their brands, and more effectively tell their stories to global audiences.


We create messages that speak to your key stakeholders.

Our team has developed compelling brand stories in blog posts and case studies, engaging social campaigns, sophisticated presentations and more to suit our global clients' diverse needs.

With Founders, you have a powerful combination of creative expertise in content marketing, social media strategy, and multimedia production.

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We are the creative forces behind Founders Marketing, and our aim is

to make every word, every interaction, and every moment count.


Kristi DePaul

Chief Executive

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At home in both Pittsburgh and

Tel Aviv, Kristi is a writer, speaker, educator, and world traveler who is passionate about the future of learning and work. 

Prior to building this company, she served as CMO of Workfrom, a global community and app for remote workers. Previously, she directed marketing & PR efforts for a $65m K-12 investment network and the world’s premier higher ed IT association, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Kristi has led strategic marketing initiatives across five continents for multinational edtech and educational strategy startups.

She loves to run and discover 

new places on foot.


Kristin Kretzler

Creative Director

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An ad agency veteran, Kristin is a dynamic copywriter, videographer and design pro who has produced a vast and varied portfolio on many national campaigns over the past decade.


Based out of Kent, Ohio, Kristin produces captivating creative projects tailored to global clients' diverse needs--whether those involve eye-catching layouts, industry-specific imagery or sophisticated multimedia presentations and videos. 


When not creating, editing, or storyboarding, you might find her playing at the park with her

energetic son, heading off to teach another high-velocity kickboxing class,

or performing on stage in a popular

80s tribute band, Invincible.

Julian Stewart

Content Strategist

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Canadian by birth but a Southern Californian at heart, Julian has over two decades of content strategy and marketing experience.


He was most recently Executive Editor of Workfrom, the leading global community for location-independent professionals. Prior to Workfrom, he held a number of prominent content and project management roles at divisions of major tech and entertainment companies, including AOL, AT&T, Disney, and News Corp.


If he’s not writing, editing, or researching best practices, you’ll find Julian stretching out on a yoga mat, playing guitar and writing songs, or delving into the latest issue of

The Economist.

Dan Digmann

Digital Storyteller

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Dan is a gifted storyteller and content creator who thrives on helping his sources and clients

to succeed.


With nearly 25 years of professional writing, editing and marketing experience, the Iowa native recently served as assistant director of creative services and communications at Central Michigan University. Dan is keen on his communication strategy details and ensuring every project is treated

as his top priority.


He is a published author who maintains an award-winning blog with his wife, Jennifer. And

no matter who Dan works for, he jokes that Bruce Springsteen – the namesake for a room in his house – is the only person he considers

The Boss.

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