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Welcome to the future of learning and work.

May the best messaging win.

How can Founders help you?

Remote-Focused Companies

Our fully distributed team has produced expert insights on dozens of remote and future of work topics, securing respected media mentions in the process.

Nonprofit Foundations 

& Associations

We  assist communications teams from the world's foremost philanthropies and institutions with powerful storytelling.

Leadership &

Talent Organizations

Transforming companies'

approaches to professional development and training requires brand recognition and a strong reputation; we can help with both.

Education PR Agencies

Think of us as your extended expert team; with Founders, you'll have access to veteran writers with decades of industry experience who speak your clients' language.

Colleges & Universities

We've worked with deans, faculty members, administrative staff and researchers to develop thought leadership pieces for award-winning academic blogs and higher education media.

Edtech Startups

Multinational edtech startups trust us to create a compelling digital presence, from event-specific content and newsletter messaging to social campaigns that resonate with key audiences.

Think Tanks

Whether the focus is technology, learning or training, we specialize in turning research findings and survey responses into meaningful policy briefs and reports that get people talking.

K-12 Schools & Networks

We've collaborated with school leaders and educators from some of the U.S.'s most highly regarded districts and charter networks to craft blog posts and case studies.  

Content is everywhere.

Deep domain expertise isn't.


We live in eventful times.


Changes that once took decades now happen in days. Barriers to access are being broken, as are traditional approaches to education, training, and upskilling. Rapidly evolving technologies and services are reshaping our concept of a workplace, and stretching the boundaries for finding talent. 


The global future of learning and work is our passion. Our fully remote team spans 10 timezones and possesses decades of experience in editorial content and strategic communications 

across education, tech, training and professional development. 


We support leading think tanks, foundations, agencies, associations, institutions of higher education, K-12 organizations, and edtech and HR startups transforming today's learning environment and the future of work.

About Us

Founders In the News

FlexJobs Webinar: Be Your Own Boss:
Mastering Remote Entrepreneurship

Kristi DePaul, CEO of Founders, shared advice with FlexJobs' community on becoming an entrepreneur. Watch the replay to discover the biggest misconceptions about remote entrepreneurship, how to get started and of course, how to find clients.

Recent Thought Leadership

           By Kristi DePaul for Harvard Business Review

           By Kristi DePaul for Harvard Business Review

           By Kristi DePaul for Harvard Business Review

In the News

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Expert Reactions to Three Real Resumes

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Why Founders?

You have a fascinating story to tell.

Life-changing work deserves top-notch content.

With our help, educational experts, workplace visionaries and forward-thinking entrepreneurs become thought leaders, organizations attract more visibility to their brands, and teams more effectively share their stories to global audiences.


We're fluent in the future of learning and work; we've produced materials read by hundreds of thousands of professionals around the world. With Founders, you have a powerful combination of creative expertise in content marketing, social media strategy, and multimedia production.


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